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Serving St, Louis and the metro east Belleville, O'Fallon , Edwardsville

Preventative Maintenance for your peace of mind

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You want to do what?


After more than 2 decades of being in the business of building and repairing folks homes. We came to the realization that if someone was doing a better job of keeping up the maintenance of these buildings it would go a long way in saving tons of money. So Trinity was born. We figure it's pretty simple have someone that knows buildings from bottom to top take a hard look at your property every few months and a little problem won't get out of control and cost big bucks. During each visit minor issues will corrected as included in your program.

If a Trinity home is found to have any issues that need major attention we will assist you in determining what needs done, help you to select a qualified professional and we can also supervise the entire process/project for you.

(Additional fee's may apply)